Get ready to enjoy slow mornings without any rush! The Rhodos Bar and its terrace are the perfect place to spend a warm, lazy sunlit morning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper or magazine in your hand. In the evening, join us for your favorite cocktail to witness a one-of- a-kind sunset over the Aegean sea. Stunning evening colors, smooth drinks and live music – sounds like the perfect holiday plan, right?

Opening Hours ( Every Day )
09:00-17:00Coffee, Tea, Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks
21:00Live music or shows by the animation team

Belvedere bar

With nightly shows featuring traditional Greek dances or live music, our staff at Belvedere Bar invites you to spend a relaxing evening getting to know your fellow travelers over a glass of wine or a cocktail. Unwind and enjoy the show while our attentive waitresses ensure your glass stays full all night. Who knows – perhaps you'll join the dancers and learn the famous Greek Sirtaki dance before the night is through!

Opening Hours ( Every Day )
17:00-01:00Cocktails, Long Drinks, Soft Drinks, Beer And Wine
21:00Variety of live shows (please ask hotel management for schedule)

Sunset bar

The Sunset Bar, located in the middle of our resort, puts everything within arm's reach. Enjoy a self-serve quick refreshment or some home-made ice cream before heading out. Quench your thirst after going for a swim in the pool just outside. Sip on an exotic cocktail while you watch the sun dip below the horizon. Whatever you want, it's all at your fingertips.

Opening Hours ( Every Day )
09:00-17:00 Self-service bar for coffee, tea, soft drinks and wine
17:00-01:00 Cocktails
Home-made ice cream also available

Belvedere pool bar

Our Pool Bar is the perfect place for some fun in the sun! Have a refreshing drink or ice-cold beer before hopping into the pool to get ready for a deep and perfect tan – just don’t forget your water-resistant sun cream. Hungry? Don’t worry, our mini burgers and pizza are on their way. Just leave room for dessert – unlimited ice cream and fruit.

Opening Hours ( Every Day )
09:00-17:00 A Limited selections Of Cocktails, Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks
and Beer
Hot And Cold Snacks (including Mini Burgers, Pizza and Fruits)
Unlimited ice cream

*All inclusive valid till 23:00.

Beach Bar

A day by the beach? Sounds like a lovely idea!
Especially when our friendly staff at the Beach Bar are waiting there for you.
Get comfortable in a sun bed at our designated beach area
while our girls make sure that you stay refreshed throughout the day.